Abyss for the Hardcore Gamers and Their Enjoyment

If you are into gaming so much, you will love the Abyss, a platform that is dedicated especially for gamers – whether they are the gamers, enthusiasts, or developers. If you haven’t been aware of the gaming industry, you should know that it is a rewarding industry, able to generate billions of dollars on yearly basis.

But being in the industry isn’t easy – and for the developers, they will have to work extra hard to make sure that their products will be noticed (and accepted well by the public). If you are a new developer, you definitely want to know more about this platform because it will help you with the promotion and also implementation.

About Abyss in General

Why stick to the traditional way when we already have the technology? That’s the idea behind Abyss platform and its development. In this modern world, finding different kinds of games is relatively easy. In fact, you can find different kinds of games for different kinds of consoles and operating systems.

Not to mention that the gaming world itself has been known to generate handsome profits for many years. It is no wonder if a lot of people want to take part in the business.

The problem is, it may not be working for new developers. Not only they need to be creative and find the perfect contents that will appeal the target market, they also need to think about the promotion and distribution. Can you imagine how much money needed for this distribution purpose only? It is no wonder if the budgets for promotion take around half of the total spending.

New System with Abyss

This is what the Abyss tries to change. With the blockchain system, it is possible to manage digital distribution. It uses the multilevel and also motivational systems where gamers can actually generate money from the game and also their social activities – if they are active – and also from the other players’ payment.

For the developers, it cuts down their expenses for the distribution. For the gamers, it is a win-win solution where they can enjoy the game and get the money.

Moreover, the system uses the cryptocurrency or digital money method. It is designed to make everything simpler, faster, and safer. Let’s say that you can get bonuses from your activities. You can enjoy it in the form of digital money – which can be used for buying things through the platform or being exchanged for the real money. Whatever method you choose, be sure that you only get the best benefits.

The MMO Target

The MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) system has become one of the biggest things in the gaming world today. This is the thing that Abyss is targeting. The development team behind this platform is sure that they should be able to reach the potential gain with so many interested participants; not to mention that the modern digital money has made everything easier.

If you are interested in the concept and you want to take parts, you can buy the coins from this platform. By purchasing the coins, not only you can invest the money but you can also be Abyss members.

More information about this project you can visit:

Website: https://www.theabyss.com/en
Whitepaper: https://www.theabyss.com/static/docs/theabyss-whitepaper-en.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/theabyss
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theabyss

XYO Network and the Future Importance of Data Location

If you don’t read the basic principle and concept of XYO Network platform, you won’t understand why data location is important. It is not only crucial for business, but it also improves transparent and honest implementation of everything. Won’t you like it when you can rely on something trustworthy and not having doubts anymore?

The Common Issues

Data location is crucial because it provides accurate and solid information about a meeting, a discussion, an interaction…..you name it. Let’s say that you run across an old friend from high school and then both of you decide to catch up by having a cup of coffee together.

If your interaction is recorded, it will record everything – the moment both of you ran across each other, which coffee shop you went, how long you spent on the coffee shop, and such thing alike. You get the basic idea, right?

Imagine how useful such data location for business and other greater usage. What if such an implementation is done to a business meeting or a business deal? What if the data recording is applied to goods distribution chain?

What if data recording is applied to charity and donation, knowing whether the funds are distributed to the right social organizations? If this technology is implemented correctly, think of the greater good it can achieve, and that’s how XYO Network wants to accomplish for future achievement.

The Technologies Being Used

For now, XYO Network is depending on two major technologies – cryptocurrency and blockchain system. The idea of blockchain system to provide a transparent and cheat-proof platform where possibilities of scams can be limited – even eliminated. In blockchain technology, each user forms its own network which will form a bigger and more complete network.

It would be impossible to cheat on the system because once it has been recorded, it will be shared among users. Unless someone is able to beat and override the whole system, this technology by far has been considered the safest and the best.

Cryptocurrency also makes everything easier. If you think that it is similar to the regular online transaction, you are wrong. Regular banking system (even with their online implementation) is a centralized system.

Which means that it has an absolute party that controls everything. In cryptocurrency, however, there is no absolute power controlling everything so it is more flexible, giving you a total freedom of managing everything.

ICO Investment

If you are thinking about helping this platform to grow and develop, you can always take part in ICO investment. It means that you can buy the tokens – which grant you direct access to be investors in no time.

The platform is holding a sale period – giving you a perfect time and chance to buy the tokens while the price is at the lowest. You can gain benefits after the platform launches because the value will increase. If the platform gets positive welcome and it gains more popularity, be sure that the value will even increase to the highest level. So, ready to join XYO Network?

For more information about XYO Network you can visit:

Telegram: https://t.me/xyonetwork
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xyonetwork
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XYOracleNetwork
Website: https://www.xyo.network/
Whitepaper: https://xyo.network/whitepaper/

The Best Cloud Mining Platform, Hashmart, and the Perks

If you are interested in Bitcoin mining or any Bitcoin investment in general, then you should consider joining Hashmart which is claimed to be the best cloud mining platform ever created and existed.

In the event that you aren’t familiar with Bitcoin or Bitcoin mining activity, here’s a glimpse of what the activity is all about.

Hashmart Concept

So, what is Hashmart, really? It is basically a platform where you can join without having to spend a fortune for the mining activity and yet you have the possibility of gaining a lot of profit. It may seem too ambitious or too-good-to-be-true but Bitcoin mining is real and it IS profitable – if you know how to manage it right.

As you may have guessed, this is the new investment and the new use of using digital money. So if you want to see what a Bitcoin mining is or what it is like to be involved in the future of finance and money, you should start now.

Bitcoin is the digital money. It is a form of money used digitally. When you need to buy something (service or goods), you only need to transfer it without a fuss. So, what is its difference from the regular debit or banking transfer?

You see, when you use the regular banking service, there are several general obstructions that may delay the process. Different banks require more times – as well as charging you with extra spending. Yes, there is an extra fee when you have to make a transfer between different banks. And the time it takes to complete the whole transaction....it can take days.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is completely fuss-free. It doesn’t matter whether you are using different wallets (Bitcoin use wallet, by the way) or whatever – your transfer will be done in no time!

Whether you are sending money or accepting one, be sure that you will get the money right away. No need to spend extra fee. No need to wait for hours or days.

Another cool thing about the Bitcoin is the possibility of dealing with the mining activity. But before we get into Hashmart and its concept as the best cloud mining platform ever existed, you should understand what a mining activity first.

Bitcoin Mining

Forget the concept of mining in regular – you know, going into the caves and put your muscles to the action. Bitcoin mining is basically the backbone of cryptocurrency and the network. Miners have to confirm Bitcoin transactions and provide security so the whole blockchain network will remain intact.

You see, in every cryptocurrency transaction, there is a computational problem that needs solving. Unfortunately, the problem can come in various ways, forms, and methods so special skills and abilities are needed to solve them. Once the problems are solved, the transactions can be chained together to form blocks.

The miners are the ones responsible for providing the solutions. For their service and help, they are rewarded with transaction fees and (newly-created) Bitcoin – which generally happens once every 10 minutes.

Not everyone would be interested in Bitcoin mining, though, although the potential can be financially rewarding. It’s because the activity itself isn’t easy and it requires special computer. The computer itself should be placed in an area where electricity is cheap and there is always constant cooling system. Well, not everyone has this kind of computer system at home.

Hashmart Advantages

From the previous section, you see that Bitcoin mining isn’t exactly an easy way to invest money. Sure, it may be rewarding but the requirements are also difficult and complicated. However, things are different when you join Hashmart.

This is a platform where everything is made not only easier but also more affordable. Not only you can be rewarded with such a handsome payment, but you can also do it without having to spend a fortune.


Unlike other regular Bitcoin mining activity, you won’t have to deal with high electricity bills or hardware upkeep complication. The data center is located in a remote place in Siberia so you won’t have to worry about the electricity.

The natural surrounding with its naturally cool location will preserve the location. Since the place itself is already chilly, there is no need for the extra cooling system; hence, you won’t be burdened with the electricity.

Another reason why Hashmart is considered the best cloud mining platform is the existence of many handy features within the platform. Whereas mining activity was known to be complicated and difficult, it doesn’t have to be that way with Hashmart.

First of all, regular mining activity requires expensive and complicated mining equipment but you don’t need such a thing when you join Hashmart.

Second, everything is running in real-time system so you can constantly monitor and see what happens on the transparent dashboard. There is no monkey business that can affect the system in a whole and you can be sure that you get what you are working for.

Third, you will have to buy a mining plan which is basically a contract with Hashmart platform. This contract will protect your rights in performing the mining activity. And don’t forget that this system is running online and it is set in the blockchain system.

It means that once the contract is made, it is kept within the blockchain structure and nothing (or no one) can change it. It protects you and your rights.

Third, you can enjoy the secured system. It protects your assets and your investment, in general. Moreover, the fact that you can spend little to gain greater profit is another factor to consider about joining the platform.

As the best cloud mining platform, everything happens on cloud so there is no need to buy the actual and physical hardware, equipment, or items. This is economical as well as effective.

The greatest thing about the platform is that you don’t have to spend anything expensive. Once you join it and seal the deal with the contract, you won’t have to spend anything else. You don’t have to deal with any maintenance fee.

The platform will charge you nothing – which saves you money on a daily basis. So, are you ready to finally join this best cloud mining platform and enjoy all the features and benefits ?

Author : wahyuagung26

Find Out all about Hashmart and Ways To Buy

What do you know about Hashmart? Have you been familiar with it? If not, then your visit to this page is the right path to start with. Dealing with the cloud mining service, it is defined as a simple and affordable cloud mining service carrying a purpose to provide a chance to become closer to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to a wider audience. In other words, it simply means a service for giving people a chance to rent a mining power to mine BTC.

Nowadays, Hashmart offers only Bitcoin cloud mining services that use the SHA256 mining algorithm along with Etherum and other major crypto currencies added immediately.

In this article, you will be presented more information about this cloud mining service including what it offers, how to buy the hashrate, what types of contacts provided and what people say about it. Now you can directly head yourself to check them out in the following sections.

What Hashmart Offers

The first important information to check out dealing with this cloud mining service is what it offers since it is much dealing with the things that make you interested to buy the hashrate in the service.

As one of the cloud mining services, Hashmart has a lot to offer dealing with the function and how it serves you with the function. Firstly, it offers a real-time mining monitoring along with the clear and transparent statistics. It is also easy and simple to use, therefore, you don’t have to worry if you are just new to cloud mining service.

This way, you don’t have to buy any equipment. You don’t have to pay for the maintenance either. Luckily and additionally, you can soon start the mining just after the payment. Thus, you can choose the plan and start mining as soon as after the payment is processed.

Plus, you have no equipment downtime so you don’t have to worry about the equipment downtime that may happen. Well, it won’t happen. This is one of the great benefits you can expect from the service. Now you can consider that this cloud mining service is very good to recommend, right?

How To Buy The Hashrate ?

The second important information you should gain about this cloud mining service is how to buy the hashrate. There are typically 5 steps available to buy more mining contracts in Hasmart.io. If you really want to buy the hashrate, please check out the 5 steps in the following:

Firstly, you must login to your account. On the left menu, you will see some buttons. Select “buy hashrate” button for sure.

Second, choose the types of contracts that you want. This way, there are two types of mining contracts you can choose. However, Etherum mining contracts will be viewed soon.

As the third step, you must pay more attention. Select the amount of hashrate you want to buy. All of the payment options are available at Hashmart. You can view the options just below the button “Continue”.

The next step is the fourth step where you can check out the payment options. This way, you can pay with Bitcoin, SEPA Wire Transfer or Visa/Mastercard. Remember, your card data is provided to the bank, not stored in Hashmart. This service open for BTC, USD, EUR, and RUB.

If you want to use your card with another currency, it is no problem since the amount will be exchanged automatically to the currency used in this cloud mining service.

If you use SEPA Wire Transfer, you must have a greater payment than 100 EUR.

To choose your Bitcoin cloud mining plan, you can also choose the plan directly from the main page. Later, you will see your payment orders displayed at your account page.

Lastly, which is the fifth step, is to enjoy the cryptomining with Hashmart.io. Of course, you can enjoy it after completing all of the steps above right away.

In order to successfully complete the steps to buy the hashrate, it is more suggested that you follow all the steps without missing a single step.

What Types of Contracts Provided ?

Dealing with the way to buy the hashrate, you are provided with the 2 types of contracts which you can choose suitying your necessity and preference. The first contract is “The 12 month contract” coming with no maintenance fees. This type of contract enables you to withdraw all the mined BTC in the end of the period of the 12 month contract.

The second type of contract provided by Hashmart is “the open-ended contract” which is literally operating in perpetuity. If you choose this type of contract, you won’t have an end date. This type is also very suitable for those who like a long-term opportunity to mine BTC. This opportunity is not limited by any of timeframes.

The payments here is done daily. The first payment is credited to your account within the time of twenty four hours just after you pay for the contracts. There is also a simple income forecasting provided by this cloud mining service especially for the users who receive precise information about the future income. This information will be supported by an easy-to-read and understandable user dashboard on the website of Hashmart.

Thus, you must be ready to always check out the website and demo account on the website to make you able to tap into the current Bitcoin bull run.

What People Say about Hashmart ?

To prove that using this cloud mining service is satisfying, easy and will never make you feel disappointed, we include what people say about the mining service. One of those is Andrey Costello, the Bitcoin-Maximalist who are also the optimistic man ad miner.

He has been using this cloud mining service for six years. Well, it means that what he is experiencing with Hashmart is not bad. He is also very optimistic to use it in the future.

Now what are you waiting for? Is there any other cloud mining service to consider ?

Website : https://hashmart.io
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4670924.0
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Hashmart_io
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hashmart.io
Telegram : https://t.me/hashmart_chat

Author : wahyuagung26

The Most Trusted and Best Site to Buy Bitcoins

What is the best site to buy Bitcoins? Bitcoin is a kind of investment with many enthusiasts nowadays. Moreover, its price is getting higher to make them attempted a lot. It is not a bad thing for sure and even recommended. However, it is important as well to look for a place that is indeed trusted and credible. Here is then a list of the best sites for buying Bitcoin. Check them out.


For many reasons, Coinbase is claimed as the world’s biggest Bitcoin broker. More than that, its available in some countries with many Bitcoin miners like US, UK, most of Europe, and Singapore. More than just it is really large, it offers you great services starting from the safety and security standard to the easiness to access.

If you are interested to join this site, you must have your bank account connected at first. Besides, it can also be accessed through credit/ debit card, SEPA transfer, IDEAL, Interac online, PayPal, and other methods of payment. If you are not located in those countries, make sure to use a payment system that has been connected to this site.


Bitcoin.co is known as the oldest Bitcoin exchanger. Interestingly, it is now available in hundred countries all around the world. Similar to the first option above, this site also makes available of buying Bitcoin through bank transfer.

Other services available are customer service for 24 hours and live Bitcoin trading. Many users trust this site as their best partner even in the initial time's Bitcoin system is recognized. It is reasonable to claim that Bitcoin.co is really trusted.

Local Bitcoins

This exchanger enables you to do a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange. In other words, it is functioned as an intermediary while making sure that the transaction is done under safe and secure methods. The buyers and sellers must agree on the trade terms available without any problem for all parties involved. Despite the services are great and satisfying, it also offers you availability to buy the Bitcoins privately and with cash.


This broker is enlisted due to its ability to provide low fees while the users are doing transactions. Besides, it can also be done via credit card. Using some features available, it even enables you to purchase the Bitcoins for free through bank transfers.

Although it is focused on the low and even free fee, it doesn’t mean that the services are not good. You can even be satisfied with it similar to other Bitcoin brokers. Interestingly, CEX.IO is now available in hundred countries worldwide. So, just join it.

Wall of Coins

This is another provider for peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchanges. The terms and conditions required are easy enough. Besides, the process is fast and simple. You must not worry as the easiness is also alongside the good security system to prevent you from terrible things like fraud and scam.

Wall of Coins is available in numerous countries worldwide to make it more accessible. So, it is not exaggerating to claim it as the best site to buy Bitcoins.

5 Sites to Offer Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet

5 Sites to Offer Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet - The price of Bitcoin that is getting more and more expensive recently tends to make many users puzzling indeed. Sure, it is due to the reward found is also smaller. To reach the minimum payout or withdrawal, it tends to take a long time.

This situation is quite risky for sure. However, it doesn’t make Bitcoin left by its miners. The enthusiasts are even higher and they look for the best faucets to give them high payment. Well, if you are one of them, some of the faucets below are the most recommended ones.


Bitfun is one of the faucets that are combining Bitcoin mining with some games. So, while waiting for the balance to claim the Bitcoin is filled, we are able to play the games available in the faucet. Before registering the Bitfun account, you must join Coinpot.co firstly.

Coinpot is basically a micro-wallet to load the coins temporarily. You can then withdraw the coins though micro-wallet coinpot. After being registered, the next step is joining Bitfun. Bitfun is quite recommended for the experiences of some users in which they find the high payments. More than that, the games also offer reward.


Similar to Bitfun, you are required to register through Coinpot firstly. Meanwhile, this site offers reward in the form of Dogecoin that can be claimed for every 5 minutes. The balance is then directly going to your Coinpot account.

To claim the Dogecoin for free, you just need to log in using the email for Coinpot and then tap the claim button. There is commonly simple Captcha provided to solve. Automatically, the balance is yours.

Viral Alert Faucet

Initially, Viral Alert Faucet or known as Facethub is a reviewer website. Then, it adds a new menu, faucet, to increase the visitors. Interestingly, this faucet is also easy to use despite offering high payment. All you need to do is just submitting the Bitcoin address, solving simple Captcha, and claiming.

However, in this site, the time is limited to 30 minutes for once claiming. The balance is loaded in the micro wallet of Faucethub.io. The Bitcoin address used is one that has been registered in Faucethub.io.


This faucet is indeed long lasting with so many fans. It cannot be said that the reward found is high enough. However, this is where you should play some tricks to be successful. One of them is by claiming in only once an hour.

By taking some more periods of time, it is expected that you will be paid more highly. There is also a mining browser feature like Freebitcoin. The balance gained from claiming is also loaded at first in Coinpot.co.

Bonus Bitcoin

This faucet with X sign is considered as the best one in 2017. Actually, the way it works is just the same with other faucets mentioned above. However, many users claim that the payment is really high here.

More than that, the claim can be done in every 15 minutes. Similar to the other, you need to have Coinpot account for registering for this highest paying Bitcoin faucet.

Best Bitcoin Mining Software Options and Possible Alternatives

You want to know the best bitcoin mining software that will help you with the activity. If you are already familiar with bitcoin and how this digital currency works, you know that one of the methods on generating income is through mining.

Of course, if you want to do it smartly and start creating your own passive sources, you need to be creative about it. Aside from mining, you can try investing, marketing, selling, and even gambling – the latter one isn’t advisable if it is considered illegal in your area and you have zero knowledge (and also expertise).

But in an overall retrospect, knowing the best bitcoin mining software can help you with the activity easier and faster – not to mention that you can probably have several options of yours that are intended for better mining and more improved outcome.

The Guide to the Mining Software

Before you start your search about the best bitcoin mining software, knowing some of the basic facts and general ideas will help. As the name suggests, mining allows you to get the bitcoin without you having to break an excessive sweat.

Unlike the traditional mining system, you only have to make a few clicks and mostly monitor your mobile device to see the progress. You can see the current balance of your bitcoin from the available feature.

The mining process itself if basically handled and managed by the bitcoin hardware so you don’t have to worry about it. However, you may need the software so it can connect you to the mining pool (if you are a part of it) and the blockchain.

Again, you won’t have to do anything because the software will do most of the work, including delivering the outcome to you, getting the completed work (from you), and provide the information to the mining pool and the blockchain. That’s how the software generally works.

If you are thinking about choosing a software, you may want to consider several important elements. First of all, you want one with simple and hassle-free implementation. Not everyone is familiar with bitcoin so having a software with the simple and not complicated system will be a huge help.

Second, you want to choose one that is compatible and can be used for all kinds of operating system, like Windows, OSX, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi. Third, you want to choose a software that has all kinds of informative displays and features.

Choose the one having general displays – that can also be used to monitor the activities – such as the fan speed, the mining average speed, the hashrate, the temperature, and such thing alike.

About the Network Consensus

The bitcoin mining pool is basically like a community or a network, a place where you join to do the mining. However, it is highly possible that you are doing the mining solo, which means that you don’t take part in any mining pool.

It’s okay and it’s not considered illegal. But make sure that you have established and developed the bitcoin network consensus. If you are using the official BitCore client, then you are on the right track.

Don’t forget that you should be prepared for the mining activity. For instance, do you know that bitcoin mining also requires solid and steady bandwidth? How much should you prepare? If you are joining the pool, then you should prepare at least 10MB per day. Be sure that your option for the best bitcoin mining software goes along with it.

Bitcoin Wallet

Don’t forget that you should also prepare the bitcoin wallet to accommodate your earnings. It would be useless for you to have the best bitcoin mining software if you don’t prepare the wallet from the beginning.

You need to understand that you are dealing with the digital money, which means that you need somewhere safe and secured to keep the bitcoin. Do your research again for the reliable and trusted wallet. There are some of them known for their quality and service, such as Armory, Circle, Copay, Coinbase, Breadwallet, and many more.

The Potential Software

Let’s say that you are completely new to this industry and you are on your way to gain knowledge and experience. It means that you are looking for a way to find the most ideal and the best bitcoin mining software – at least for your needs. Don’t worry, there are several options that you can try as the beginner.

  • CGMiner. One of the greatest advantages of this software is its compatibility with other operating systems, such as OSX, Windows, and Linux. It is perfect for beginners because it offers great flexibility and adjustability. You can monitor your system, as well as overclock it. You can also build database sing binary kernels to know your progress and also the achievement. It is completely simple and not complicated with as minimum complications as possible.

  • EasyMiner. Just like the CGMiiner, it is also an open source software that can help you with your mining activity. You don’t have to spend a dime to have the program. Thanks to the handy performance graphs, you can monitor and visualize the activity, using any operating system you like, such as Android, Linux, and Windows. Another cool thing is that it isn’t limited to bitcoin only because it is also used for other types of cryptocurrencies.

  • BitMinter. If you are looking for a software that is easy to use, has a nice user interface, and straightforward usage, this one can be the candidate. You can use it with different operating systems. If you want to use it, there is no fuss – simply download and then register. It also comes with a reward system, giving you a share whenever a new block is made or created. Quite generous, eh?

Bit Moose. Since it is developed and designed by Windows Software developer, it is definitely perfect for Windows OS. You can run it as the background of your Windows operation so it is convenient and also handy. It is a free open source software with console host and GUI.

Those are just several examples of the available programs. There are plenty more if you are interested. Make sure to do your research before choosing the best bitcoin mining software for your needs.